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Simon Barnes PhotoArt.  Fine Art Photography & Wall Art. Capturing that decisive moment.

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Fine Art Photographer Bristol

For more information please contact Simon Barnes on 07969785424 email

Simon Barnes Photography is a name you can trust to bring your Fine Art imagery  that speaks from the heart. Some days I'm in the mood for creating moody B&W photographs and other days I will shoot for vibrant colour.  It really all depends on what I set out to achieve on any given day, the light and the mood of the day and I will adapt accordingly.


My aim, well. it's creating fine art imagery that tells a story in just one moment of time and hopefully my work will hang large and proud on the wall of many houses and offices so that the viewer can engage with my mind's eye and put themselves in the scene that I created. It's a passion I know is life long and I hope to pursue it for as long as I am able to do so. I hope you enjoy my  work.

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