digital art reproduction

for artists


ALL your artwork is photographed

in the "white room studio" which gives your artwork the most natural look it can get when photographed on our huge megapixel camera.

When you sell your art it's gone forever, but not if you employ me to photograph your art so you can maximise your profits by selling open and limited edition prints from the high quality digital images I produce from your artwork. I can help you capitalise your profit potential. Your art will be digitally ready to print at a lab of your choice or we can recommend a lab for you. I shoot with extremely high resolution cameras to produce accurate colour and tonal reproduction of your artwork in TIFF and JPEG formats using our colour checker device.

Drop your artwork into our studio for copying for a fast same day turnaround where we will photograph your art and digitise it then transfer it onto a USB Flash Drive. 

We also shoot on location if your artwork is too big to be transported. We will bring our portable studio set up.

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We use the colour checker passport on request by the client to make sure we render the digitised image of your artwork as close to the original as possible. Our monitors are calibrated to ensure a true likeness of your artwork. Please note that if your monitor is not calibrated then the images we send you may look too bright or too dark, but your images will print out correctly. We shoot under neutral LED lighting panels when exact colour matching is required.

Small artworks up to A4 - £50.   

Medium Artworks up to A3, A2, A1 - £75.   

Large  & textured Artworks - £100.

If exact colour matching is not required I photograph art pieces in my studio white room. I preferably shoot natural light and the white room is designed for natural light so your art is photographed in beautiful diffused natural light for best results. If I need to I light artwork with neutral LED light panels that doesn't need the colour checker passport to be used. 

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